Expert staff augmentation

As a team lead, hiring is the hardest job you have. Even when you can find the right people, it takes months to recruit, interview and hire them. Our staff augmentation service is designed to help you add missing capabilities to your team, building the expertise and speed critical to your success. Our people are embedded in your team’s existing workflow to help you get your project completed on schedule.

Illustration of a drop-in team member.

It’s designed for teams that just need a little extra horsepower. If you have short-term or uncertain staffing needs then staff augmentation can be much more affordable than hiring new employees, but with instant access to the same expertise you’d expect a permanent hire to develop over time.

User experience designers

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A great product needs to be easy to use and it needs to be built for the right users. Our people can tackle these challenges efficiently and effectively. We believe in user research and testing with prototypes to get confident answers before building. By approaching problems iteratively we can lower the expense and riskof building the wrong product.

Full-stack JavaScript web developers

Illustration of a developer's laptop.

Our developers specialize in building flexible, fast and scalable web applications using Node.js, Express and React. Why do our people love JavaScript? Simply put, hiring developers with deep JavaScript proficiency creates a quicker path to full-stack expertise based on fluency in one language instead of many.

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On-demand leadership & guidance

Sometimes your team just needs a little push in the right direction. Our senior staff can help with that. From product roadmapping sessions to full technical architecture, we’ve got someone that can help you make that next leap forward.

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