Our purpose

Tech visionaries should be able to focus on the part of the job that they love: coming up with great ideas and building them, not worrying about how to grow their team. That's where we come in.

Our story

We started as a traditional agency, but things changed a bit along the way. We discovered that the clients we wanted to work for most didn’t want to hire an agency to come in and build a black box for them. They wanted to own the process, the knowledge, and the technology. But their constant challenge was hiring people, the exact type of people we had on our staff...

So we changed. Staff augmentation isn’t a new idea, but it aligns with the reasons we’d all moved into leadership and management: we like to hire, to teach, to lead, to solve problems with people, and to make better teams as a result. Other companies offering this don’t have this same level of care for the people and the work. It’s just a numbers game to them. But we’ve product and teams before and we LOVE it. We love the people and the work they do, and we love making teams better.

Hire us and you can take your passion for product and focus it on making better stuff. We’ll take our passion for people and give you the team you need to make a dent in the universe.

Our values

  • Give a damn

    Be invested in what you’re doing. Our people have a shared sense of purpose and are committed to producing quality work that matters.

  • Embrace diversity

    Diverse teams build better product. A wide spectrum of ideas and experiences at the table are the key to holistic decision-making.

  • Contribute

    Don’t be restricted by your job title. Use your talents and strengths to add value at every opportunity.

  • Be proactive

    If you sense a potential problem or opportunity, trust your gut and start the conversation. Be an active participant in negotiating a solution.

  • Constantly improve

    Fail fast and learn faster. Nobody’s perfect and what’s important is how you react, grow, and support others.

Our leadership team

  • Potrait of Chris Swenor

    Chris Swenor

    CEO, Founder

    Ringleader of this circus. Passionate about all things software, and lean startup evangelist.

  • Potrait of Carla Cornejo

    Carla Cornejo

    VP of Operations, Partner

    Following in the strong tradition of operations folk before her, Carla does all the things.

  • Potrait of JR Howard

    JR Howard


    JR helps start-ups navigate and excel in choppy financial waters, by providing innovative, seasoned CFO services.