We want to help

We partner with our clients to create awesome teams that gets projects done faster and better. We believe in going above and beyond for them, using our years of experience to be the best help they can buy.

The dream team

  • Potrait of Chris Swenor

    Chris Swenor

    CEO & Cofounder

    Ringleader of this circus. Passionate about all things software, and lean startup evangelist.

  • Potrait of Ivan Blazevic

    Ivan Blazevic

    CTO & Cofounder

    Ivan is a dev who happened to co-found East Coast Product. When he’s not working, he’s hunting for the next good read or for a good pickup game of Futbol.

  • Potrait of Steve Hickey

    Steve Hickey

    Director of Product Design & Strategy

    Steve is a designer, UX strategist and product design educator cultivating a simple, no-bullshit approach to building things that matter.

  • Potrait of Petar Penović

    Petar Penović


    Petar writes JavaScript code for a wage.

  • Potrait of Niksa Janjic

    Niksa Janjic


    Niksa is a JavaScript developer giving life to modern single page web applications, and slowly figuring out a way to do the same for mobile.

  • Potrait of JR Howard

    JR Howard


    JR helps start-ups navigate and excel in choppy financial waters, by providing innovative, seasoned CFO services.

  • Potrait of Carla Cornejo

    Carla Cornejo

    Operations Manager

    Following in the strong tradition of operations managers before her, Carla does all the things.

  • Potrait of Phillip McKee

    Phillip McKee

    Marketing Manager

    Beer, Board Games, and Biz Dev; Phil does that and everything in-between.

  • Potrait of Steph Bond

    Steph Bond

    Product Designer

    Steph designs digital experiences that matter and can be found drawing on walls.

  • Potrait of Ana Prpić

    Ana Prpić

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Lover of all things coffee especially when paired with a good book.. Ana lives by the one rule of good QA’s, “when you’re good at your job, most people shouldn’t know you exist.”

  • Potrait of Petar Ivančević

    Petar Ivančević


    Petar (a.k.a. Goose) loves developing games, apps, and eating tacos.

  • Potrait of Andro Bubica

    Andro Bubica


    Andro comes, he sees, he debugs.

  • Potrait of Leon Petrov

    Leon Petrov


    Leon knows three truths in this world: Javascript is the future, metal is the only genre of music, and anything can be cured by a hike in the mountains.

  • Potrait of Tricia Ravelo

    Tricia Ravelo

    Product Designer

    Tricia designs elegant and purposeful digital experiences that are based more on research than assumptions.

  • Potrait of Kate Gallagher

    Kate Gallagher

    Product Designer

    Kate is a UX pro and fixer of all the things.

  • Potrait of Mateo Karadza

    Mateo Karadza


    A young programmer passionate about technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Potrait of Stipe Kotarac

    Stipe Kotarac


    Fluent in binary. Proficient in meat drying.

  • Potrait of Hannah Fisher

    Hannah Fisher

    Executive Assistant

    Hannah makes sure that our Boston office is an amazing place to work.

  • Potrait of Zvonimir Rajniš

    Zvonimir Rajniš


    Zvonimir is a JavaScript enthusiast who likes to listen to funk, eat pizza and play football.

Our Values

  • Illustration.

    Be curious

    Don’t be afraid to explore new territory. Break out of routine, try a creative solution, and learn something new.

  • Illustration.

    Be proactive

    Take the initiative, be decisive, and explore. Don’t wait for instruction - test, break, and iterate.

  • Illustration.

    Be human

    Be personable and more importantly, just be yourself. Aim for the stars but stay down to earth.

  • Illustration.

    Be vocal

    Speak up when you have something to say but never just for the sake of saying something.